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18" Powered Portable PA Subwoofer

The JBL EON618S is a powered portable PA subwoofer in the EON600 series from JBL Professional. It has been designed to deliver class leading performance in a variety of applications supporting JBL EON600 and other full range systems. A lightweight, highly useful enclosure allows the speaker to be easily transported and set up wherever low frequency reinforcement is needed.

JBL Premium Transducers
1000 W highly efficient Class-D amplification
Maximum SPL Output: 134dB
System Type: Self powered 18" Subwoofer
Frequency Range (-10dB): 31Hz - 150Hz
Frequency Response (- 3dB): 42.5Hz - 150Hz
Bluetooth Control:
3 Parametric EQs + Hi & Lo Shelf
Gain and Delay
Save and Recall settings
Polarity Inversion
JBL Engineered Crossover Presets:
80 Hz
100 Hz
120 Hz
M20 Pole Cup
Rugged, stage-ready Duraflex enclosure