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 Media Shepherd was here 2016

    Universal Shock Mount

    Optional for the following mics:

    BBB Dfive
    C 1000 S
    C 1000 S without LED (Discontinued)
    C 391 B (AKG Blue Line)
    C 451 B
    C 451 B/ST
    C 480 B comb-ULS/61
    C 5
    C 568 B
    C 5900M (Discontinued)
    C 900 (Discontinued)
    CK 69-ULS
    CK 98 (AKG Blue Line)
    D 230
    D 3700/D 3700 S (Discontinued)
    D 3700M/D 3700MS (Discontinued)
    D 3800/D 3800 S (Discontinued)
    D 3800M/D 3800MS (Discontinued)
    D 40 S (Discontinued)
    D 44 S
    D 5/D 5 S
    D 50 S (Discontinued)
    D 55 S
    D 60 S (Discontinued)
    D 660 S (Discontinued)
    D 7/D 7 S/D 7 LTD
    D 77 S
    D 770
    D 88 S
    D 880/D 880 S (Discontinued)
    D 880M/D 880MS (Discontinued)
    ELLE C (Discontinued)
    P 3 S
    P 5/P 5 S


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    $127.99Sale Price