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    Universal shock mount for all microphones with shaft diameters from 19 to 26 mm, e.g. C414 B-XLS und C414 B-XL II.

    For the new C 414 B-XLS and C 414 B-XL II microphones, AKG designed a new shock mount that differs from the familiar H100 as follows:

    - The outside ring has been reduced in diameter from 120 mm to 100 mm.
    - The color has been changed from black to dark gray. 
    - The clamping range has been increased from 22 - 26 mm to 19 - 26 mm to accommodate microphones with cylindrical or conical bodies or connectors including, e.g., the AKG Blue Line and ULS Series.

    The AKG H85 shock mount keeps a lower profile than the H100 and therefore looks better on the microphone. 

    The AKG H85 also matches several other AKG studio microphones, e.g., the C2000 B, C3000 B, and C4000 B.

    At present, the only microphones including an AKG H85 shock mount as a standard accessory are the AKG C414 B-XLS and AKG C414 B-XL II.


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