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    - Professional hi-fi stereo studio headphones
    - Self-adjusting headband for optimum fit
    - Patented Varimotion speakers
    - High ambient noise attenuation
    - For broadcast and DJ use
    - Rugged construction for tough handling
    - Leatherette ear pads and additional velvet ear pads
    - Single-sided, detachable 3 m cable and additional 5 m coiled cable

    The newly designed AKG K171 MK II combines the benefits of a closed-back design with the lightweight and comfort of supra-aural headphones. 

    The AKG K171 MK II is an excellent choice for DJ and broadcast applications where no sound can bleed from the headphones into live microphones. 

    The closed-back, loud and rugged design gives the AKG K171 MK II a different low-frequency character and maintains its comfort and flexibility. 

    Included Accessories:
    - 2 velour ear pads
    - EK300 headphone cable
    - EK500S coiled headphone cable

    AKG headphones with Varimotion speaker - The basis of superior audio performance

    The heart of any headphone is the diaphragm. Made of extremely thin foil, the diaphragm is required by transducer designers to perform incredible, almost artistic feats. The rim of the diaphragm must vibrate elastically while the center portion should move like a piston. AKG achieved just that by designing the Varimotion system. 
    The "sound zone" in the center is thicker than the rim and therefore moves like a piston with no partial oscillations. The result is an absolutely realistic sound, with a better sonic perspective and an airier high end. The rim, or "movement zone", is thinner and vibrates more easily, providing a powerful, punchy bass range. 


    Headphone type closed
    Audio Fre 18 to 26000 Hz
    Sensitivity 107 dB SPL/V
    Max. Input Power 200 mW
    Rated Impedance 55 Ohms
    Earpads Leatherette & Velvet Detachable
    Detachable cable yes

    Audio Interface
    Type Stereo plug - 3.5mm (1/8-inch) with 6.3 mm (1/4") screw-on adapter
    Gender Male
    Contacts 3-pin
    Finish Gold

    Dimensions / Weight
    L x W x H 85 mm x 185 mm x 190 mm
    Net Weight 240 g


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    $299.00 Regular Price
    $247.99Sale Price