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    The dbx Di1 is a compact high-quality active direct injection box. Ideal for both studios and on the road, the Di1 will ensure audio signals reach their intended destination in both a balanced format and free from unwanted noise.

    Connect the output from electric guitars, bass amplifiers, keyboards, etc., directly to a console mixer without the use of a microphone.

    Built for toughness and reliability, the Di1 has all the features of a fully featured gig-ready workhorse DI unit.

    Recommended for: Studio, Tour, Portable.

    Compatible with the HARMAN Connected PA System


    - Robust build, ideal for both studios and on the road
    - Compatible with HARMAN Connected PA
    - Accepts Phantom Power or 9 Volt battery
    - Phantom/Battery LED indicator
    - Matches unbalanced line level signals to balanced mic level


    SKU: DI1